COVID-19 Legal Marketing Whitepaper for Small Law Firms

"How Small Law Firms Can Prepare for the COVID-19 Recession"

We have put together this whitepaper to help small law firm owners identify changes within their practice area due to COVID-19 and how they can pivot marketing efforts during the recession.

Despite global control efforts, COVID-19 continues to impact every part our way of life—and may still for some time.

According to Scientific American, a vaccine for the virus could come as late as summer 2021. This means that law firms need to be actively adapting to the new economic climate because legal consumers are shifting their behaviors when it comes to buying legal services.

To survive the COVID-19 recession, law firms must start preparing for it now—otherwise they may have to lay off workers, cut pay, or close down altogether. The steps you take today are critical.

It is vital to know:

1. How legal consumers made decisions pre-COVID.
2. How COVID legal consumers make decisions now.
3. The impacts on recession economics on the legal marketplace.
4. Professional insight regarding steps for effective law firm marketing.

Identifying these changes in the marketplace, the impact of COVID-19 on your own practice, and how you can adapt to be relevant to consumers’ new needs will result in the success of your law firm.