Meranda Vieyra Writes that “Motive and Mindset Matter” in a Guest Post for The National Law Review

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



For over a decade, Meranda Vieyra has been helping new lawyers get their business goals in order when it comes to marketing and public relations. In an effort to spread her experience to a wider audience, she recently accepted an opportunity to share these insights in a monthly guest post forThe National Law Review.

In April 2019’s installment, “When it Comes to Business Development for Young Lawyers, Motive and Mindset Matter,” Meranda explains that personal motivation for going into law and a matching mindset for how to accomplish long-term goals is crucial for success as a lifetime practicing lawyer. In addition, she shares four actionable strategies for building a network of potential clients and enhancing your business’s credibility now. These include cultivating a personal network, becoming involved in the community, reverse-engineering your perfect career, and building an online brand.

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