Putting Your Colorado Law Firm on the Map with Responsive Website Design

Nearly 82% of all people looking for a lawyer will look online first to see how credible and effective your practice is. That’s why having modern legal website design is an area where your Colorado law firm needs to invest.

Unfortunately, even the most well-designed websites have a shelf life of about 4-5 years.After that, it’s risky to have outdated graphic elements or software code that could be exploited by hackers or simply make you look like you’re out of touch with your potential market. These websites can also cost clients lost through poor user interactions, slow loading times, or broken links.

Denver Legal Marketing specializes in helping solo and small law firms update or create their website from the ground up.

New Legal Website Design and Site Upgrades

If you are building your site from scratch, we work with you to develop a clear strategy for creating your webpage, complete with a staging site so you can approve every last word before your site goes live.

If you have an existing site, our team does a deep audit of your law firm website and defines the areas that are in need of immediate attention. Then, we create a strategy to update your site with the newest security protocols, information safeguards, and aesthetics that will engage your clients the most.

After that, our programmers and front end user experience consultants work together to ensure that your website build or upgrade happens within weeks instead of months.

Our web design services include:

Full legal web page design and content creation

High-impact, responsive themes that drive new business

Integration with outside apps (customer relationship management software, email management software, proprietary apps)

Stock legal photography, custom graphics, and theme-based contact forms

Legal SEO recommendations for Colorado firms

Site map for higher search engine rankings

Deep audit for broken links, redirect errors, responsivity, and site speed issues

Refresh attorney biographies and present options for updated attorney headshots (separate charge)

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