Building trust is about what you do, not what you say.

What Does Your Intranet Say About Your Firm's DEI Initiative?

Your law firm’s intranet is your firm’s basecamp and internal knowledge library containing essential information about your culture, company, services, and benefits. 

Your intranet is also a collaboration tool that shows the firm’s commitment to community and collaboration.

Many law firms miss the mark by leaving out consistent content on their intranet related to DEI that supports their ongoing initiative and confirms the same for their employees.

By regularly sharing information about your firm’s DEI initiatives on the intranet and publishing content supporting a diverse and inclusive environment, your firm can improve your workplace experience and hiring outcomes.

Denver Legal Marketing and Maria Arias Solutions’ DEI content is built on years of experience in the legal industry, law firms, and corporations developing DEI programs that create impact. 

Through this offering, they have teamed up to provide an intranet content solution that connects your firm’s intranet postings with its DEI initiatives for you through custom-created six-month campaigns. With flat fee offerings that allow your firm to have pre-prepared DEI content prepared by subject matter specialists, it is clear to your attorneys and staff that your firm has authentically embraced DEI and change.

Did You Know?

survey from nonprofit JUST Capital shows that 49% of workers believe their DEI program has clearly defined goals (compared to 69% of employers). 

Moreover, one in four workers say they are “not sure” how much progress the organization has made. 


Three Benefits for Law Firms

#1: No Regret. Easier Intranet Communication Regarding DEI Initiatives. 

Larger law firms rely on intranet services to keep everyone in the firm connected regardless of location, position, or status.

Your Challenge.

Many law firms regularly post updates regarding HR benefits, case wins, or changes within their business. However, many firms must remember to regularly post about their DEI program or support of DEI initiatives. This content allows you to have consistent, high-level branded content every month for posting on your intranet celebrating rotating subjects, such as Heritage Months, that provide awareness and identity recognition to traditionally marginalized groups in our community and the legal industry.

Our Solution.

Denver Legal Marketing and Maria Arias Solutions’ DEI content makes law firm intranet posting related to DEI easy, with six-month campaigns prepared and ready for publishing in advance.

Take the Opportunity to Post More Regarding DEI

#2: No Lag. Your Firm’s DEI Content is Already Prepared and Ready for Posting.

The purpose of intranet content is to communicate internally with law firm employees. However, intranet posting, especially related to DEI, also boosts employee engagement and trust when consistently shared by the administration.

Your Challenge.

Law firm DEI initiatives are making progress in this country. Savvy law firms use their intranet to underline and support their overall DEI initiatives weaving in information related to DEI in marketing, business development, recruiting, and retention.

Our Solution.

DEI content that is professionally prepared for your firm by Denver Legal Marketing and Maria Arias Solutions takes the stress off your law firm administration to keep up with the trends, the calendars, and the dates related to the Heritage and History Months that Americans celebrate.

Take the Opportunity to Connect with Your Community regarding DEI.

#3: No Disconnect. Customizable Subjects and Themes Related to DEI and Law Firms. 

Diversity, equity, and inclusiveness are not buzzwords in the legal industry. However, the push to make law firms more diverse over the past few decades and DEI-centered intranet content can reinforce this growing culture of inclusion.

Your Challenge.

DEI trends and thought leadership come out daily, and it is hard for law firm leadership to stay well-informed. Intranet content prepared by subject matter experts on DEI helps your firm remain involved monthly with at least two thoughtful and engaging posts related to DEI.

Our Solution.

Committing to providing DEI-centered intranet content regularly to your employees underscores your law firm’s values. Diversity in the workplace makes your employees more thoughtful and creative, and DEI-centered content can help.

Take the Opportunity to Move Towards Equity.

Rotating DEI Intranet Content Subjects/Themes

The following list isn’t exhaustive but rather meant to provide a sample of the subject matter offerings provided. All blog content is original and written by subject matter experts and all graphics are branded with your firm’s logo, fonts, and colors.

  • Bias (ex. unconscious, hidden, etc.)
  • Intentional Inclusion in Legal Teams
  • Gender Identity Terms
  • Using Inclusive Language 
  • Issues related to Privilege 
  • Diversity vs. Inclusion
  • Intervention (responding to inequity)
  • Microaggressions
  • Awareness (ex. culture, gender, identity)
  • Common biases and stereotypes (ex. age bias, LGBTQ+ inclusion)
  • Inclusive Leadership for Lawyers
  • Ability and Ableism
  • Heritage and History Months (ex. March – Women’s History Month)

Denver Legal Marketing and Maria Arias Solutions provide high-level intranet content that supports your law firm’s inclusive culture. 



Flat Fee $6,000

  • Six months of custom-curated intranet content for the law firm to disseminate regarding DEI (equity, diversity, and inclusiveness).  
  • Content is a blended mix of custom graphics, articles, and/or short videos that can be posted on the law firm’s intranet to provide consistent and preapproved DEI content to the attorneys and staff.
  • Content will be related to people of different ages, races, ethnicities, abilities, disabilities, genders, religions, cultures, and sexual orientations and the issues that affect them.
  • Six months of intranet content to be provided to the law firm focused on DEI (two posts per month); content researched and created for the law firm with one revision, including graphics sized for intranet posting.

Deliverables: Two Posts Per Month for Six Months

  • One post per month – DEI education, including principles, heritage months, and general DEI best practices
  • One post per month – support and promotion of the law firm’s internal DEI initiatives