Marketing Lessons from the 2019 Colorado Bar Association’s Solo and Small Firm Conference

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



Last week’s first Colorado Bar Association 2019 Solo and Small Law Firm Conference was a great experience. Not only did I enjoy meeting all the fantastic people, but enjoyed every opportunity I had to present about building business through better marketing.

Here are some of the things I shared during the conference:

Maximizing Your Online Presence and Social Media in 2019

In this hour-long program I presented with Judge Adam J. Espinosa of the Denver County Court, we discussed how small law firms can better use social media to build up their practices. I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout: we had people there from all over Colorado and in a wide variety of B2B and B2C areas. While Judge Espinosa focused on the ethical requirements of building good marketing campaigns, I focused more on the nuts and bolts of building these campaigns.

Pro Tip: If someone posts a negative online review of your law firm, be sure to respond … politely.

Our audience was engaged and invested in the presentation. We had some great questions from them as well, including topics such as how to manage negative online reviews, how to best leverage good reviews into more clients, which social media platforms are most effective for small law firms and solo attorneys, and the most important elements to include on your website.

Link to Presentation Slides

LinkedIn For Lawyers

This presentation focused on just one of the social media outlets I discussed in the previous presentation (and one I think is very important for small law firms), LinkedIn. I shared with the audience an overview about why LinkedIn is so very valuable for small law firms, and some basics of how to get started using it to its full potential for business-building.

Some of the big-picture ideas I discussed were the ways that attendees could develop their LinkedIn profile to attract business and generate referrals. They also learned why kind of information to include and steer clear of when developing posts and updates. I also discussed the 80/20 rule.

Pro Tip: 80% of what you post on social media has nothing to do with you or your law firm. The majority of your posts should be about your industry, current clients, potential clients, and referral sources.

Attendees were interested in a wide variety of answers to their questions, including how to make simple profile updates, claim a vanity URL, and whether to develop a separate LinkedIn business page in addition to their personal page. You can see the full presentation in the link below.

Link to Presentation Slides

Social Media Breakout Session

This was a very fun, hands-on presentation, and I really enjoyed working with the attorneys who chose my social media profile audit for this breakout session period. I met individually and with small groups of law firm owners to give them hands-on help updating and clarifying their online profiles. I helped them review their current online presence, looking through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media they wanted advice on. I even reviewed their websites and provided recommendations for updates, as well as performed online Google searching for optimum online exposure.

Pro Tip: 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute so be sure to add subtitles to your law firm videos.

There were some great questions from this group. One of the most engaging conversations of the whole day was with one of the attorneys who was very interested about how to use video to promote his small law firm. He wanted to include it as a marketing tool, but wanted advice as to how to do it cost-efficiently and effectively to build up his social media engagement. We also discussed how to capture the essence of your legal practice using a first person voice in your LinkedIn Summary Statement.

Link to Presentation Slides


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