Meranda Vieyra Recommends “How Your Law Firm Can Thrive During the COVID-19 Pandemic” in the Martindale-AVVO blog

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Originally published in the Martindale-AVVO blog on March 24, 2020.

If you are like most Americans, you knew the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 was coming, but you had no idea the widespread and sudden impact that it would have on people and law firms alike. This rapidly growing pandemic is changing every aspect of life, and adjustments to the way you conduct business as a law firm are necessary. 

You are likely already having to change the way you practice law and run your law firm. How can you keep your law practice thriving during these unprecedented and uncertain times? As you navigate these uncharted waters, there are several steps you can implement today to help your law firm remain healthy and stay the course you have always intended it to take. 

Communicate With Your Clients

When an emergency occurs, whether it be on a large or small scale, your clients will look to you for your expertise and advice. Your communication during this time is imperative to your business, both now and in the future. 

Alternatives to In-Person Meetings

If you already have a virtual meeting protocol in place, you are already ahead of many firms who are now scrambling to boost their infrastructure as offices move their operations to their homes. 

Keep Abreast of the Rapid Changes in the Legal Realm

The legal industry is changing in real-time as it reacts to this infectious illness. Be sure to keep current with the changes in the federal and state court operations.

Increase Your Community Involvement

Whenever possible, consider how you can help in your community and take action quickly. Encourage your employees to do the same.

Highlight Your Steps in Advertising

The silver lining in all of this may be a new angle to your advertising. Tell your potential clients what you are doing to decrease the risk of exposure, yet continue with business as usual.

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