Denver Legal Marketing Sponsors the Colorado W.O.L.F. (Women Owned Law Firms)

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Denver Legal Marketing News



Denver Legal Marketing donated to Colorado W.O.L.F. (Women Owned Law Firms) helping the organization fund their new website for women-owned lawyers. Colorado W.O.L.F. (Women Owned Law Firms) is a unique group of entrepreneurial women-owned law firms.

Colorado W.O.L.F., referred to as “the WOLF Pack,” is the only professional group in Colorado exclusively for women-owned law firms. They provide professional, social, and well-being support to their members. As a member organization of the Colorado Bar Association’s Solo and Small Law Firms Section, they offer resources such as practice questions for potential clients, experiences and wisdom, and an opportunity for creating professional relationships for future referrals.

Colorado W.O.L.F. currently has a private Facebook group for daily communication, allowing their community to discuss issues that only women-owned law firms face. To be eligible for membership of Colorado W.O.L.F., an attorney must be female and hold an ownership interest in their own firm, being at least 50% or more women-owned.

Denver Legal Marketing’s sponsorship will help fund a new website for Colorado W.O.L.F. to broaden their resources for their members and assist potential clients in finding legal services. Each member will have their own profile page on the new website, allowing those in need of legal assistance to easily find and contact them.

Denver Legal Marketing is proud to support women-owned law firms and we are committed to creating and supporting a more diverse and inclusive legal community.

If you are interested in joining Colorado W.O.L.F. (Women Owned Law Firms) or would like to sponsor them, click here.

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