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Originally posted in the Martindale-Avvo Blog.

COVID-19 has taken over our country. Small law firms, as well as small businesses, are among the parties suffering during this pandemic. Although teleconferencing technology has helped make an abrupt pivot to new ways of working, marketing strategies and insights will continue to change during this time.  Here are the metrics that small law firms should watch.

Differences in Geographic Trends

The virus is impacting every community differently, making this an important time to dig into geographic trends in your area. For example, if renters largely populate one community within the area you serve, you may see a spike in traffic from search terms relating to eviction protection. Try free tools like Google Trends to look at search interest over time and location. If you’re running ad campaigns, you may need to adjust them accordingly and keep watching for trends associated with quarantine behavior. 

Changes in Search Terms

Whether you have a digital marketing specialist in-house or as a partner, now is a good time to see which search terms are bringing the most traffic to your website. You can review this data from your existing SEO and SEM campaigns. People looking for legal assistance now are likely to be in more dire, time-constrained situations. Shifting the focus to search terms that imply the need for immediate action can make your efforts more effective. This will be especially true for business-based law practices, as corporations in our community are reacting to real-time economic changes and need expert insight into the protections of their existing contracts. Staying on top of these trends will allow you to make the most of your advertising budget while better meeting the needs of potential clients.

How Major Announcements or Policy Shifts Impact Your Firm

It is smart to also track the effect major announcements have on your law firm’s marketing campaigns. This may prove challenging in our current situation, due to daily press conferences that can change public opinion and response to coronavirus threats. However, it is worth working through past data with the help of the timeline linked above to see how consumer actions have changed in response to significant announcements and shifts in policy. This may help you adjust your law firm marketing strategy for the next few months.

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