Meranda Vieyra Presents “Personal Branding and Marketing During COVID-19” to the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association

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On August 7, 2020, Meranda Viera, CEO of Denver Legal Marketing, presented “Personal Branding and Marketing During COVID-19” to members of the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association. In this lecture, Meranda discussed brand development, recognition, and visibility tactics that can be done while social distancing.

In this presentation, Meranda focused on how lawyers can create a strong brand for their law firm. She suggested that your brand stems from three basic concepts: the value of your legal services, your value in the community, and the vision of your practice.

As a lawyer, you need to know what you personally value and also know the value of your services in order to create your vision, and how impactful you can be in your community which directly leads to the branding of your firm.

In the second half of the presentation, Meranda discussed the essential duty for lawyers to create a strong personal marketing strategy. Seventy-six percent of adults go online to hire a lawyer. This number is likely to be even more, as COVID-19 has decreased opportunities in-person marketing and networking. Now is the time to delve deep into creating a positive personal brand online.

Meranda suggested that a lawyer should spend 200 hours per year (roughly 4 hours per week) on personal branding and marketing activities. This can be done by attending virtual conferences, taking on public speaking engagements, or establishing a strong online presence through social media, blogs, and advertising.

Learn more about how Denver Legal Marketing helps lawyers develop a personal brand through one-on-one consulting.

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