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In an interview with Texas Lawyer on September 24, 2020, Meranda Vieyra, CEO of Denver Legal Marketing, shared how “Small Firms Can Thrive During the ‘COVID-19 Recession’” for their Texas Takeaways newsletter.

Meranda discussed the way people are consuming legal services has been influenced by the pandemic outlined in her recently published whitepaper, “How Small Law Firms Can Prepare for the COVID-19 Recession.” She urged small law firms to adapt and pivot their digital marketing efforts.

Meranda stressed the need for brand communication and client engagement, especially among small law firms. Law firm marketing should begin with a clear understanding that it is a relationship business. Although the pandemic has severely restricted in-person meetings, there is tremendous potential to engage online.

“The conversations are happening digitally right now.”

Small law firms should be at the forefront of utilizing the power of their websites and social media to reach out to their potential clients.

In an uncertain world, clients need guidance and reassurance. When it comes from experienced legal professionals, they are far more likely to take it seriously. Small law firms can publish blog posts, articles, webinars, videos, and informative social media content to build credibility. As referrals are one of the most frequent ways clients find lawyers, a credible social media presence will let existing people refer legal services with more conviction.

Meranda also emphasized, “it is important to maintain the right tone with your social media accounts.” Brand communication should be based on a detailed analysis of your target audiences. Law firms should know the demographics and psychographics of their client base. What is their median age? What service do they ask for the most? This will help tailor the brand communication to their unique needs.

For small law firms without a marketing team, Meranda suggested four questions to ask themselves before conceptualizing their communication.  

  1. What is the identity of the firm?
  1. What are its values?
  1. What makes the firm unique from its competitors?
  1. What makes its legal services different from what others offer?

These will help construct a brand identity and unique brand proposition, which should be constantly carried forward in all communication.

The pandemic has disrupted our professional lives and changed the way we interact. While it is certainly challenging, it is also crucial for small law firms to adapt. With the right brand identity and communication, Meranda believes that it should be possible for small law firms not just to adapt but drive the change.

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