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Originally posted on the Martindale-Avvo Blog.

Professional development is important, but you don’t need to devote several hours every week to it. In fact, many tasks can be completed in one or two, 20-minute power sessions. By scheduling out the tasks you use to connect with colleagues a little each day, you can steadily propel your career forward. Here are some simple habits for increasing publication and speaking opportunities.

Connect on LinkedIn

Whether you use LinkedIn or another professional networking site, make sure you spend some time connecting with others in your field on a regular basis.

Write or Request a Review

You should also make the most of the professional connections you already have. Look at your list and find someone you have not yet written a review or commendation for, then write a specific, positive review on your networking site of choice.

Find (Virtual) Events to Attend

Oftentimes, getting a speaking engagement is just a matter of connecting with the right person at the right time. 

Write a Short Blog Post or Article

You know your area of practice inside and out, so you can likely jot a rough draft of a blog post or short article in less than half an hour.

Adapt an Existing Piece of Content for a Press Release or Repost

If you have resources such as blogs or articles on your site, take a look through the archive on your website. 

Post on Social Media

Law firms with strong social media presences have a good chance of establishing themselves in their target audience’s minds. 

Look for Industry Awards

The recognition you get from an award can do a lot for your speaking engagements and publication opportunities. However, waiting around for someone to nominate you often means passing up on valuable chances. 

Set Up a Mentorship Call

No matter how long you have been in the field or how much experience you have, there is always something more you can learn.

Find a Podcast

Good podcasts with a solid listener base rely on experts to provide accurate content. As a legal professional, you could be the ideal guest for a podcast relevant to your target audience.

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