Denver Legal Marketing CEO Meranda M. Vieyra Recognized as an Outstanding Woman in Business

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



Denver Legal Marketing and NimbusMark CEO Meranda M. Vieyra was recently recognized as an Outstanding Woman in Business by the Denver Business Journal. This competitive award is given to several women per year throughout Colorado, recognizing their achievements in building companies, teams, and individual legacies.  

The Outstanding Women in Business Award was designed to celebrate the modern business-woman’s achievements and professional successes. These women are leaders in their industry, driven by vision, a strong sense of self, and a strong work ethic. They are innovative, ambitious, and have proven that they can handle adversity in stride and still achieve success. 

Meranda currently leads a team of all-female marketing professionals at Denver Legal Marketing and used the pandemic to devote herself to leadership and personal development to take her teams to the next level. 

In addition, she’s a co-founder at NimbusMark, which offers cooperating advertising solutions for small business owners. Throughout the pandemic, she continued to serve her law firm and financial industry clientele in both businesses to assist them with their own shifts in light of the rapidly changing business landscape. 

Both Denver Legal Marketing and NimbusMark became entirely virtual businesses in 2020. Although her business results speak for themselves, Meranda credits her unique results to focusing on work-life balance. 

“Women have long been told they have to choose between professional and personal success. Many women today want both, but in a way that serves them and helps them and their families thrive in balance,” Meranda says. 

Meranda is also an active speaker and presenter in the legal marketing community. She’s delivered dozens of presentations including those given to bar associations, law schools, and private law firms.

By offering flexible work environments that allow people to work remotely and being prepared to adapt to any aspect of the business world, Meranda has redefined what it means to be a successful woman in the business world. When she is not working with clients or spending time with her family, Meranda is a dedicated yogi who also devotes a significant amount of her time to DEI-focused charities including the Legal Entrepreneurs for Justice and the Center for Legal Inclusiveness. 

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