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Visibility, Marketing + Success for Women Lawyers — Denver Legal Marketing’s Meranda Vieyra Appears on Her Gavel Podcast with Stephanie Wachman

Denver Legal Marketing’s Meranda Vieyra recently sat down with the “Her Gavel” podcast host, Stephanie Wachman, to chat visibility, marketing, and success for women lawyers

The “Her Gavel” podcast is known for being willing to tackle the big topics and subjects that matter most to listeners—  particularly the stories of some of the most powerful women in the world who have shattered glass ceilings. 

It’s no surprise that Vieyra sat down with Wachman, as Vieyra has made a name for herself as one of the most visible legal professionals throughout the Colorado legal community; helping legal professionals focus their marketing efforts more effectively and attract the brand recognition they need to beat out the competition— in a traditionally male-dominated industry. 

Wachman and Vieyra discuss more about the discomfort that many people feel when posting on social media, specifically how to best utilize LinkedIn. Many professionals are unsure how often they should be posting and what types of content are best suited for the career professional’s preferred social media platform. 

Vieyra offers insight into the often-missed opportunities a carefully curated LinkedIn profile can bring, and where to make changes. 

In this episode, Vieyra and Wachman talk about how many women find themselves self-sabotaging by not taking the time their law careers the right way— with Vieyra providing an insider’s view of the secret of successful women lawyers. 

She mentions tenacity and passion as the driving force behind some of the most successful women lawyers and legal professionals in the industry, which goes to show how women can achieve the personal and professional lives they have dreamed of; if they want it badly enough. 

Wachman and Vieyra also discuss more about how the gender-based landscape has changed over the years for women lawyers. In the past, women lawyers have had to fight their way to the top in order to find success, but times are changing. 

Now, Vieyra reports seeing more and more women lawyers  supporting women lawyers. Providing mentorship and career advice is something the women lawyers of previous generations didn’t have access to. 

Vieyra cites this type of support amongst women attorneys, and provides other actionable tips for lawyers and career women in general, that can be put into motion today so they can accomplish their professional goals— however big they may be. 

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