How Attorneys Can Solicit Reviews

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



Reviews are one of the cornerstones of your law firm. While a well-designed website with thoughtful content can draw visitors in, reviews are often responsible for actually helping visitors choose your firm. Perhaps the hardest part of securing the reviews you need is actually convincing clients to follow through with posting positive reviews.

This is especially true in certain areas of law. If you work in an area of practice where you often see people at the lowest points in their lives—family law, bankruptcy, or criminal defense, as examples—they may want to wash their hands of the entire ordeal when their case is over.

However, by getting a little bold and putting yourself out there, you can start to get more client reviews.

Ask for Reviews on Your Payment Platform

Many law firms have online payment portals that allow clients to take care of bills from the convenience of their home. On the confirmation page that verifies their payment has gone through, you can add a short blurb asking them to review:

“Thanks for your prompt payment, we truly appreciate your business! Have we helped you with your legal needs? If so, please consider leaving us a review. It only takes a few minutes and really helps us reach people in need of our services. Click here to review us!”

You want to make it as easy as possible to review—the fewer steps, the better.

Remind Clients to Review via Social Media

The type of clients who are willing to help you out with a positive review are the same clients who are likely interested in supporting you by following your social media pages. Once every few months, put up a post asking past clients to review your services if they haven’t already. Keep it lighthearted, provide links, and thanks them for their continued support.

Connect Directly With Clients

No matter how technologically advanced the field of law becomes, it still comes down to personal connections. When you meet with clients to close out their case, take this opportunity to ask if they would mind giving you a review. If they agree, send them a link right away. In some areas of practice, this would be considered insensitive and in poor taste, so think about whether or not it works for your firm.

Use Follow-Up Emails

After you wrap up a case, set up an automated email that goes out to the client one week or one month after your last contact. It can be similar to the script given above. Don’t be afraid to add a personal touch and ask them how something in their life is going—a new pet they’ve adopted, a new baby, or a home purchase.

Consult a Legal Marketing Firm

Working with a full-service legal marketing firm is perhaps the most hands-off way to set up a review funnel. If you go this route, you benefit from the firm’s extensive experience and marketing knowledge.

At Denver Legal Marketing LLC, we work to help our clients build up their review count and solidity their reputation in the community. Ready to find out how we can help you? Get in touch today to set up a call.

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