3 Outside Experts to Hire for Law Firm Marketing

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



As an attorney, you’re likely very driven and typically ready to face any challenge that might come your way. You thrive on checking things off your never-ending to-do list and often burn your candle at both ends. While this take on life serves a positive purpose, it can lead to burnout and a constant feeling of being overwhelmed. It can also cause your law practice to suffer. Unfortunately, the reality is that you don’t have the time, expertise, or focus to do everything yourself. You went to law school to help your clients, not to write blogs, become an SEO wizard or spend your time learning new ways to market your firm.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Law Firm Marketing Experts

Sometimes you have to decide what you can take off your plate and outsource some of your to-dos. Outsourcing help will allow you to save your focus, energy, and time for your clients. By outsourcing, you can enlist the expert help you need without providing much training or feeling overly committed. For solo practitioners and small law firms, marketing is often an ideal sector to outsource. You may want to consider outsourcing your law firm’s marketing efforts with the help of one or more of the following legal marketing experts.


Good marketing copywriters capture your unique tone, voice, and brand values to communicate with your prospective ideal clients. They can help you:

  • Reach your target audience more effectively
  • Produce content that is more reader-friendly and focused
  • Remain on Google’s good side by understanding the content climate
  • Build your brand from the ground up

A skilled copywriter can provide you with trustworthy, professional, high-quality content that will reflect positively on your law firm’s brand. You can outsource a marketing copywriter for various projects, including newsletters, press releases, blogs, and landing pages.

Marketing Consultant

Marketing is a constant necessity that must be done if you want your firm to grow. However, keeping up with what’s new and effective in the marketing world can be challenging at best while trying to focus on your legal clients. Outsourced marketing consultants possess unique industry knowledge that you can use to your firm’s advantage. In addition, you can save time and effort by partnering with a marketing consultant to provide expert advice and implement your marketing.

Good marketing consultants stay up to date in their field and can help you see the big picture. They can tailor a marketing strategy to your firm’s needs and then break it down into meaningful action steps you or your other team members can do. If a strategy doesn’t seem to be working the way they or you envisioned, they can revise and tweak the plan to make it work for you.

SEO Expert

Although ranking well with Google and other search engines is a part of your marketing schema, SEO can be another animal. Only SEO experts have the knowledge and resources necessary to quickly overcome major SEO updates and struggles that could be looming on the horizon.

Google’s SEO algorithm is constantly in flux. Keeping up with what it takes to please it and implementing any changes can be a full-time job in itself. SEO isn’t a set it and forget it task. Good SEO experts handle all the technical work of ensuring your website performs well and ranks on Google. SEO experts can also enhance your online image and help you get noticed. You may want to hire an SEO expert in conjunction with your marketing consultant.

Ensure Your Outsourced Experts Understand the Legal Industry

Finally, ensure that any expert you outsource really understands the legal industry’s ins and outs. They likely won’t be a good fit for your needs if they don’t. It’s too expensive and a waste of time to hire someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. If you’re ready to take the next step in upleveling your law firm marketing, now is an excellent time to create that shortlist of marketing experts

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