FAQ on Colorado Super Lawyers and Rising Stars Voting

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



Denver Legal Marketing LLC provides this Frequently Asked Questions guide to 2017 Colorado Super Lawyers and Rising Stars voting.  Feel free to call (303) 507-3944 if you have further questions or need help with the process.  

Who can vote?

Any attorney licensed in the State of Colorado can vote in the 2017 Colorado Super Lawyers nomination process.

Who is considered a Colorado Rising Star and who is considered a Colorado Super Lawyer?

Rising Stars is a category reserved for younger attorneys or attorneys just starting to practice.  Any attorney licensed 10 years or less (licensed in Colorado in 2007 as admissions in other states do not apply) or who is 40 years old or younger (born in 1977) is eligible for the 2017 Colorado Rising Stars list.  Not in this category? Then you are eligible for the 2017 Colorado Super Lawyers list.

Who should you vote for?

Every attorney has 21 votes to be used as follows:

  • 7 Votes: In-Firm Super Lawyers
  • 7 Votes: Out-Firm Super Lawyers
  • 7 Votes: Rising Stars (tip: vote 4 out-firm and 3 in-firm for maximum impact)

How do you vote?

Nominations can be made by email with a paper ballot or online through logging into the Super Lawyers website.

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