Meranda Vieyra Featured in MSU Denver Insider Article titled “Taking the Law Into Her Own Hands”

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



Originally published in Red Magazine, formerly MSU Denver Insider

By Mark Cox

One secret to business success is finding a gap in the market.

Here’s the thing, though – finding one of those gaps is a lot harder than it looks. Bankruptcy-court listings are filled with thousands of bright ideas that didn’t quite pan out.

But Meranda Vieyra has a sharper eye than most. And about seven years ago, the legal-marketing expert – then working for a major Colorado law firm – noticed something very interesting.

“Whenever young lawyers moved on to smaller outfits, I saw that they generally didn’t have many marketing options,” she recalls. “Obviously, most small law firms and solo practitioners can’t afford $100K a year for an in-house marketing director. But these firms clearly still needed help to promote themselves.”

So two years ago, Vieyra acted on her hunch and launched her company, Denver Legal Marketing, to provide support to smaller law firms. And the novice entrepreneur immediately sensed she might be on to something. “I actually had clients before I’d even printed out my business cards,” she says.

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