Quick Tips for a Law Firm Marketing Makeover

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



Is your law firm’s marketing boring?

Your website, your online presence, and your collateral materials are all important parts of your Colorado law firm’s overall marketing plan to gain and retain clients. With the speed at which the online world is moving, updating your law firm’s marketing to be current and fresh will make a lasting impression. Redesigning your website and creating completely new collateral materials takes time but here are a few fast fixes that you can begin today to give your Colorado law firm’s marketing a quick makeover.

Change Your Content

If you haven’t updated any aspect of your law firm’s website in 8 months to a year, it’s probably outdated. Update your website content every quarter by adding recent awards, recommendations, lectures, or featured articles on your attorney biography page. Highlight any recent successes or changes in your firm that can make you stand out against the competition. Add new client testimonials you have received to the top of your reviews/testimonials page. These simple changes can make your website content more current and relevant and will help direct the online search engines your way. While you’re at it, be sure to update LinkedIn, Super Lawyers, AVVO, and Martindale-Hubbell profiles once a quarter as well. Your clients will appreciate having consistent information wherever they find you.

Change Your Photos

While you’re updating your website’s content, be sure to take a look at the pictures you have accompanying your information. A refresh of the imagery on your website is a mini-makeover in itself. Look at the header images, at the images on the home page, and practice areas pages – are the pictures still relevant to your law firm’s practice? Are they interesting? Are they dated in any way? A few changes to your website pictures can give your site a quick face-lift. Also, if your lawyer biography headshot is looking out of date, be sure to schedule an appointment with a photographer (ASAP). �While you are at it, be sure to update your LinkedIn, AVVO, Super Lawyers, and Martindale-Hubbell headshots as well.

Change Your Collateral Materials

Finally, take an inventory of your collateral materials and see what changes need to be made to better help your firm present itself during new client meetings or new client pitches. Are you missing any content related to legal services or areas that you are now focused on promoting?? Are you lacking information that gives a “big picture” of the culture of your law firm? Considering adding information about your diversity and inclusiveness policies and even pro bono work in the community. Also, are the awards that your lawyers and law firm received stated in the firm biography? Your law firm’s collateral materials should always reflect your website and company LinkedIn page when possible so be sure to update these marketing documents quarterly to be current.

I know I sound redundant but once a quarter update your law firm’s website, collateral materials, and online profiles.

Keeping your legal marketing current, relevant, and consistent doesn’t have to be a hassle when you do a little at a time, on a schedule.

Have questions? Email me at meranda@denverlegalmarketing.com

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