Meranda Vieyra shares wisdom as panelist at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s February “Lunch & Learn.”

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



In late February, Meranda Vieyra represented Denver Legal Marketing at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce February “Lunch & Learn” by participating in a panel focused on influential women in the Denver Hispanic community.

Meranda shared her personal story with those present, including her history in the legal world and how motherhood has shaped her role as a business owner and working professional. In response to the question, “What would be your message to women that strive to ‘do it all,'” Meranda said:

“You can do it all, just not in one day. Prioritizing makes balance a little more attainable. For me, my kids and family always come first. After that, it’s all about being realistic about goal setting and goal meeting.”

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