Meranda Vieyra Serves as Keynote Speaker for MSU Denver Marketing Department’s 2019 Student Awards Banquet

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



At the invitation of Dr. Nicole Vowles, Chair of Marketing at Metropolitan State University Denver, I had the privilege of giving the keynote speech at the 2019 Student Awards Banquet. It was great to attend this ceremony and meet the next generation of Colorado marketers. In my speech, I shared my personal journey about how I started in the legal community and eventually worked my way into administration and now business ownership.

I urged the students to use their marketing “powers” to develop their own brand as they join the workforce. In 2019, when everything seems to cost money, personal branding is free. It is a combination of being focused and consistent in how you want to portray yourself in the professional work. It includes cleaning up your online presence and being the same person online as you are offline. I reminded them that it is impossible to know everything or to be everything to everyone, and so developing a niche can be helpful in making yourself a go-to for certain tenants of marketing.

Finally, the remarks urged them to be of service to our Colorado community. Adding value to your career through community service is a great way to share knowledge with many small businesses and non-profits that would love to have some help with their branding.

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