Meranda Vieyra Talks Colorado Construction Law with Bob Roark and Butler Snow’s Dave Mayhan and Sarah O’ Brien on the Business Leaders Podcast

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



Denver Legal Marketing CEO Meranda Vieyra acted as Guest Co-Host on one of the most recent episodes of the Business Leaders Podcast, hosted by Bob Roark. In this episode, she helped facilitate a discussion with Bob and two Butler Snow attorneys, Dave Mayhan and Sarah O’ Brien. The lawyers shared their experiences regarding defending a number of real estate and construction companies, and explained several areas where these businesses can be vulnerable to lawsuits.

One of the main topics that Sarah and Dave discussed was of the importance of reading contracts in construction law. The Butler Snow representatives explained that a lot of construction general contractors don’t read the fine print on all their contracts. They suggested that even in relationships between GCs and subcontractors where there needs to be trust, it’s a good idea to have contracts reviewed or even redesigned by an attorney who specializes in building. 

Another key idea that came up was regarding the timing of involving a legal team generally. Dave explained that many construction professionals see an attorney as a “band-aid” that is applied after a wound has already been put in place by one or more parties. He suggested that workers in the building, construction, and real estate businesses should look to attorneys as more like a dentist. With enough involvement in a preventative manner at the beginning of a big project or deal, there is much less probability for drastic, costly measures later on.

Read the entire transcript and listen to the podcast here.

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