Transparency And Employee Relationships with David Seserman and Meranda Vieyra (Business Leaders Podcast)

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



Most Colorado business attorneys would agree, employees are the lifeblood of any good company. Still, even the best companies make risky decisions when it comes to employee-managerial relationships and transparency. That was the topic of discussion on this April edition of the Business Leaders Podcast with Bob Roark and guest host Meranda Vieyra. Their guest, David Seserman of Seserman Law, is an expert when it comes to topics like discrimination lawsuits, breach of employment, and misappropriation of trade secrets cases. 

When Bob shared a statistic that 12% of small and medium-sized companies face an unemployment lawsuit over their company history, David explained that his experience shows it is probably a much higher number, stating that “virtually every employer faces that kind of claim,” at some time. 

A major topic of discussion was that of documentation. He explained that, regardless of the relative importance of any meeting with any employee, there is never any harm in making a note of what was said and by whom. In addition, David shared that good documentation can help prevent potential lawsuits in regards to sexual discrimination lawsuits, particularly when an administrator is in a position of power and is mentoring an employee of the opposite sex. 

David also talked with Meranda and Bob about how flexible work schedules and the “gig economy” affects business owners when it comes to contracts and work requirements. 

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