Denver Legal Marketing Attends University of Denver Bridge Project Gala and Donates to Benefit Colorado Youth Education Programs

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



On October 1, I was privileged to attend the University of Denver Bridge Project Gala, “Wine, Stein, & Dine,” to benefit educational programs for youth from kindergarten through college. In addition to being a great party, the cause is one I believe in passionately. Not only does the Bridge Project create opportunities for Denver’s most high-risk students, but it provides a safe and inclusive learning environment that these students do not often have otherwise. 

The Bridge Project, originally developed by the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver, focuses on providing the highest level of education, physical, and emotional support for students living in public housing communities. They have developed a series of on-location service centers throughout Denver that make education accessible for these high-needs kids—often making school and social services available within walking distance. 

For over 28 years, the Bridge Project has been integrally involved with breaking down barriers to education and building safe places for students to learn. 

As a measure of my own gratitude, Denver Legal Marketing LLC shared a financial gift of $1,000 to help this great work continue. It is a small thank you, but my appreciation extends far beyond a monetary gift. It is programs like this that have helped many young, vulnerable Latino/a students like myself gain the education and social skills necessary to become successful both in Colorado and beyond. 

To learn more about the University of Denver Bridge Project, visit their website.  

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