Spark Change in the Legal Profession: On Purpose Legal Workshop (OPLW)

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



I’m excited to share this opportunity for anyone wanting to redefine what it means to be successful in the legal profession by attending the On Purpose Legal Workshop (OPLW) on January 17. Even though many of us are drawn to the legal profession in order to righteously strive for the greater good, sometimes this work can leave us feeling constrained, unmotivated, or lost. This workshop is a way to reconnect and inspire lawyers and legal professionals to spark change.

The event, founded by legal entrepreneurs Jessica Bednarz and Lauren Lester, is the first-ever conference for legal professionals to focus on our greatest strength—our authentic selves. This conference is a unique approach to networking in the legal industry, and will allow participants to gain the necessary tools and mindset to thrive professionally and personally. This is a great opportunity to meet and learn from a diverse group of like-minded legal professionals who are ready to inspire to take action. We work too hard building our careers only to be left uninspired. The On Purpose Legal Workshop will be your chance to learn tangible tools to make a lasting impact using your own meaning of success.

Whether you’re a lawyer, paralegal, marketing professional, technology specialist, project manager, pro bono manager, operation specialist or any relevant legal field, OPLW is designed for all legal professionals. Individuals working for a non-profit organization or government agency and law students can buy tickets at a discounted rate, as well as the ability to apply the conference towards Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits.

On Purpose Legal Workshop

Date: January 17, 2020

Location: The Commons on Champa, 1245 Champa Street, Denver, CO

To buy tickets or learn more about OPLW, visit their website. You can also check them out on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram to stay updated on the event.

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