6 Steps to a Positive Online First Impression – Guest Post for the Colorado Women’s Bar Association “Under Pressure” Blog

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



Originally published on the Colorado Women’s Bar Association Under Pressure Blog

Potential clients surf the web for legal services everyday and it is vital for lawyers and law firms to have a positive online presence. There is a high risk of losing a client if their first impression is negative. In my most recent post for the Colorado Women’s Bar Association, I address the importance of Googling yourself, along with a 6-step strategy for how to do it effectively.

Why Google Yourself?

It is essential to Google yourself frequently, know where your potential clients are looking, and clean up your digital profiles, misinformation, typos, or anything with a negative impact. Fortunately, you have a decent amount of control over your online branding and what your potential clients see.

6-Step for Cleaning Up Your Google Presence

In my article, I share a 6-Step Strategy for a complete Google cleanup. It is important to first log-out of your browser to see results an average person would see. Go through the first five pages of Google, document and correct any misinformation, and replace negative information with positive. You may not be able to remove all negative information, but taking action when possible is crucial.

You should plan to do a Google cleanup at least once per quarter and always monitor your digital profiles. Whether you to perform the Google search yourself or prefer the Denver Legal Marketing team to execute, having a positive online presence will avoid any negative misinformation online and provide a positive first impression for potential clients.

To learn more about my 6-Step Google Search-and-Rescue Strategy, read the full article on the Colorado Women’s Bar Association “Under Pressure” blog.

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