Meranda Vieyra Publishes Article, “Five Items to Add Into Your 2020 Solo and Small Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategy” in the National Law Review”

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Originally published in the National Law Review.

Meranda Vieyra covers several valuable tips in her most recent National Law Review article, “Five Items to Add Into Your 2020 Solo and Small Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategy.”

Several tips focus on the value of content. Knowledge and expertise is one of the greatest assets an attorney has to offer potential clients, and with accurate, well-written content, you can share that knowledge with potential clients. One tip digs into how to bring in gated content to generate leads and share in-depth information with future clients.

No matter how intuitive and well-designed a website may be, its effect is lost if it is not mobile-friendly. Meranda touches on statistics relating to mobile web users and suggests ways to create a mobile-friendly website.

There is no doubt that social media has changed many law firms’ digital marketing strategies. The importance of a solid social media presence is to be active on the right platforms rather than wasting efforts on as many platforms as possible.

Meranda closes with a look into e-mail marketing and lead generation. With an e-mail list, you can build up your reputation and trustworthiness with potential clients. This ensures that they think of you first when they have a legal issue in your area of practice.

To learn more, read the full article at the National Law Review.

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