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Originally published in the Colorado Women’s Bar Association The 1891 Blog.

When you think about social media platforms for law firms, the usual suspects probably run through your mind: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram—but have you ever considered Pinterest? Since its 2010 launch, Pinterest has seen rapid growth and maintained its position as a major player in the world of social media. Many people think of Pinterest as a place to house information about interior decorating, wedding ideas, or recipes for feeding a picky toddler. But Pinterest is more than that. It is an online resource for people looking to plan their next step and, in this regard, it is also a valuable marketing tool for lawyers.

Reaching Your Target Audience with Pinterest

The majority of Pinterest users are women with approximately 70% of all Pinterest users being female. This will be especially helpful for consumer-based practice areas that affect adult women which could include trust and estate planning, plaintiff employment practices and family law. But also, business centered practice areas such as intellectual property, outside general counsel practices, and civil litigation.

This doesn’t mean that you are out of the Pinterest game if your firm caters to men. However, male users are much less likely than female users to actually “pin” anything on their account.

Driving Pinterest Traffic to Other Platforms

For many law firms that successfully use Pinterest as a social media solution, Pinterest is not the final step in the funnel. While you can upload images directly to Pinterest without a link, many law firms use Pinterest to drive pinners to their firm website or Facebook page. 

If you get them to your website, you can capture their information with an opt-in form. This is especially helpful for client lead generation if you have an ongoing email campaign.

Optimizing Images and Calls to Actions

Pinterest is a visually rich social media platform, and if you use subpar or boring graphics, you are unlikely to get the results you want. Optimize your pins by using visually appealing color schemes and fonts that are popular with your target market, while including a call-to-action. This encourages people who discover your pin directly to reach out to your firm, but it also encourages people who view repins of your original post to find out what you have to offer.

Follow Relevant Users and Brands

While creating optimized pins is crucial, you also need to start building your list of visitors. You can search for pins relevant to your area of law and follow the users who are sharing them, follow users in your geographic area, or get involved on group boards.

Using social media to expand the scope of your law firm is all about developing creative solutions with the technology that’s currently available. Explore what Pinterest has to offer to find out how you can get in front of your target audience. Starting a Pinterest campaign can help law firms to showcase their original ideas and offerings.

Read the full article on the Colorado Women’s Bar Association The 1891 Blog.

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