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Originally published on the Martindale-Avvo blog.

Branding for law firms is more than choosing a memorable name, putting up a user-friendly website, and waiting for client reviews to start building your reputation. Using a mix of a handful of marketing strategies gives you the chance to establish your firm’s brand and reputation within your community. Try these research-backed methods to make sure that people are talking about your law firm—and that they have plenty of positive things to say.

  • Token Giving

Part of branding is ensuring that people think of your firm’ when they think of a particular area of practice. How do you get your firm name to stick with them? Make sure they’re looking at it every time they grab their notebook to make a shopping list, grab their favorite pen to jot a note or look for a tote bag to take on a family outing. When hosting events or attending events that promote community outreach, make sure you have branded token gifts to hand out to those who stop by your booth (and that you have a logo branded table cloth at that booth for them to see). Think outside the box with high-quality items that potential clients are likely to use. Electronic power banks, insulated coffee tumblers, notepads, earbuds, and clothing with small logos are popular options.

  • Cause Marketing

Creating an alliance with a meaningful cause goes a long way in creating goodwill among your potential clients. For maximum success with this strategy, focus on authenticity. Consumers appreciate brands that focus on a specific cause and evolve their giving over time, rather than brands that change their causes from year to year for no apparent reason. Consider a cause relevant to your law firm’s area of practice, and look for local organizations you can partner with for mutual benefit.

There are many ways to engage in effective cause marketing. Charitable giving is a straightforward way to contribute directly to a cause, but you can also get more involved by offering pro bono services, promoting fundraising events, and centering ad campaigns on your chosen cause.

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