Meranda Vieyra Discusses “Cause Marketing for Law Firms: How to Find a Cause and Make it Work for You and Your Network” in the Colorado Women’s Bar Association, The 1891 Blog

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Originally published in the Colorado Women’s Bar Association, The 1891 Blog on April 17, 2020.

As a lawyer, the positive work you do should extend beyond the services you offer clients. If your brand is not yet associated with a specific issue or societal problem, cause marketing could revitalize your law firm’s branding and establish your firm as an integral part of your greater community.

Cause marketing involves aligning your brand with an issue and getting involved with that issue through advocacy, fundraising, education, or volunteer work. This is a marketing strategy that benefits everyone involved. Charities and nonprofit organizations enjoy greater awareness and the financial backing that comes with brand support, law firms build a stronger social presence and gain consumer trust, and consumers have a greater variety of options when selecting services and products. Given the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus, law firms and lawyers in particular are in a position to help our community in this way.

To learn more about why cause marketing works, how to select a cause, and link it to your professional goals, read the full article on the Colorado Women’s Bar Association, The 1891 Blog

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