Meranda Vierya Discusses “The Hidden Power of Community Service for Law Firms” in the Martindale-Avvo Blog

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When you think about effective legal marketing strategies, your first consideration may be what each strategy does for you. Service-driven legal marketing for law firms flips the script, asking instead what you can do for others. Engaging in community service and pro bono work can strengthen your law firm while building up the people you serve and securing the connections you have worked so hard to create.

Benefits of Cause Marketing and Service-Driven Marketing for Law Firms

While service-driven marketing can be much more time-consuming than other marketing strategies, it offers substantial benefits to law firms. Benefits include:

  • Improved reputation in the local community.
  • Networking opportunities that connect you to potential consumers.
  • Strengthened CV, especially for those who are just getting started.
  • Loyalty from those who benefit from the services you provide.

Service-driven legal marketing connects you to the community and has the power to grow your professional network. 

6 Great Ways Attorneys Can Implement Service-Driven Marketing

How do you take advantage of these benefits? What are some ways to engage in service-driven legal marketing?

To learn more about using these tools and strategies to strengthen your brand, become an important part of your community, and use your knowledge and experience to improve the lives of those around you, read the full article on the Martindale-Avvo Blog.

Have a question? Want to include a cause marketing strategy for your law firm? Contact the Denver Legal Marketing team to get started.

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