Meranda Vieyra Shares “How to Build a Legal Blog from the Ground Up” in the National Law Review

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Originally published in the National Law Review.

Blogging is one of the most straightforward ways to share your legal expertise, strengthen your reputation amongst peers and potential clients, and become a valuable resource to your community. Once you know basic SEO principles and have a writing schedule that you stick to, it can be fairly simple. You already have the expertise. Now, learn how to share it by creating an engaging, educational, and helpful legal blog.

Before All Else, Know Your Law Firm’s Target Market

Being an expert in your area of practice is one thing; effectively sharing that knowledge with your target market is another.

Top SEO Tips for Law Firm Blogs

Knowing just a handful of common SEO tricks and techniques is enough to get you started.

Diversify Your Law Firm Blog Posts

This is a tough balance to strike. You want to be narrow enough that people know what type of topics to expect every time they visit your blog, but you also want to be diverse enough that people do not get bored.

Make Law Firm Blog Posts Engaging and Attractive

No one clicks on a blog post and wants to be hit with a wall of text. There are many ways you can make your posts easy to digest, attractive, and welcoming.

The Power of Consistent Action

When you commit to blogging, commit fully with a realistic schedule. When lawyers begin blogs, they often plan on posting whenever their schedule allows.

Your legal blog could help you reach an entire new audience. From new professional connections to new clients, the benefits of a legal blog are endless.

To learn more and dig deeper into law firm blogging, read the full article at National Law Review.

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