Meranda Vieyra Presents “Maximizing Your Online Presence and Social Media in 2020” at the 2nd Annual Colorado Solo-Small Firm Institute Conference

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On June 11, 2020, Meranda Vieyra, Owner and CEO of Denver Legal Marketing, presented with the Honorable Adam J. Espinosa of the Denver County Court, on the importance of “Maximizing Your Online Presence and Social Media in 2020” at the 2nd Annual Colorado Solo-Small Firm Institute Conference.

Meranda provided insights into online reputation management, capitalizing on the multiple digital channels available for marketing, and how to get started using social media in a multi-channel marketing strategy.

In the presentation, Meranda discussed how law firms can boost their practice with a multi-channel marketing mix that incorporates a well-designed website, blogging, free and paid lawyer directories, and social media. She broke down the key factors to consider when setting up a website, such as effective content, making sure to keep your biography updated, and auditing your website for updates and functionality. Another point she emphasized was utilizing law firm blogs and how to use them effectively by repurposing content, decide how focused or general you want the content and outsourcing blog writing when help is needed. Last, she also explained the power of social media platforms and how law firms can use them to widen their reach and promote their practice.

Some of the questions Meranda responded to at the end of the presentation included inquiries from an immigration lawyer on how to use Facebook and blogs to promote their practice, a new solo attorney who wanted to know how to engage with his community, an attorney wanting to know how to vet website companies for a new family law practice, and lawyers that are struggling to find the time to create digital content for their practice.

You can view their presentation here.

Meranda also led an on-demand workshop titled “Social Media: Individual Analysis and Feedback on Your Professional LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Profiles.”

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