“How to Use Targeted Google Ads to Grow Your Small Law Firm” – Guest Post for the Martindale-AVVO blog

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Originally published in the Martindale-AVVO blog on March 3, 2020.

The legal industry is incredibly competitive, and getting your name in front of the right people is key to ongoing growth for your law firm. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising might not be on your radar at the moment but it is an effective marketing tool that can yield results quickly. Use these tips for more effective ads, keyword targeting, and geo-targeting.

How Google Ads Can Help Your Law Firm

There’s a reason that many large law firms dedicate a substantial part of their advertising budget to Google Ads: this platform is a powerhouse for outreach if you know how to use it. Firms that make full use of the massive amount of data provided by Google Ads are able to tweak ads quickly to improve results and spend money where it yields returns.

Google Ads makes it easy to target groups you truly want as a client. With negative keywords, you can prevent your ads from being seen by those outside your area of expertise and those who are more interested in information than in representation.

Challenges You Might Face With Google Ads

Any marketing option with the opportunity to drive increased traffic comes with its share of risks.

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