Meranda Vieyra Shares a “Marketing Checklist for Busy Solo Attorneys and Small Law Firms” in the Martindale-Avvo Blog

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Originally posted in the Martindale-Avvo blog.

There’s still time to review your law firm’s achievements, figure out what is working, and eliminate or pare down what is not. While BigLaw firms have massive marketing departments who take care of all these tasks, owners of solo and small law firms are often responsible for them. As you gear up for the end of the year, make sure you can check off each of these items on your list to ensure your law firm’s marketing is on track.

Audit Your Law Firm’s Website for Functionality and Safety

Your website is often potential clients’ first impression of your law firm. Web design and functionality are always changing, so what was cutting-edge and working seamlessly six months ago could now be outdated and clunky. Test your site on various devices and browsers to see how quickly it loads and how easy it is to find the information that a potential client might seek out. This is also an excellent time to review federal and state requirements for internet privacy and any courts’ guidelines where you are admitted to practice. Ensure that your site has the proper disclaimers and policies, as well as an updated security certificate. 

Are You Reaching Your Law Firm’s Online Growth Goals?

You should have set clear goals regarding traffic, conversions, social media shares, and other metrics at the start of the year. The data helps tell you what is resonating with your audience and what is not. You will need to pull the analytics from your website, any legal directories you pay to be a part of and your social media pages. Are you consistently achieving your monthly goals, or are you at least halfway to meeting your annual goal? If you are, excellent. Figure out what is working and spend more time on that. If you are not, figure out where you are falling flat and address those areas. 

Dig Into Your Content Marketing Plan

Content creation should be a substantial part of your law firm’s marketing plan, but it can also be a relatively time-consuming and expensive component. As a result, it is crucial to ensure that your content marketing efforts achieve the goals you have set. Take a look at the content you have published since the beginning of the year. What is yielding the most views? Which pieces are shared across social media? What isn’t performing up to your expectations? Are published pieces bringing in the audience you want to attract? It is time to identify weak spots in your content marketing plan and correct them going forward.

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