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On September 24, 2020, Meranda Vieyra, CEO of Denver Legal Marketing, was interviewed by Texas Lawyer ( for their Texas Takeaways newsletter on brand marketing for law firms. In the interview, Meranda provided insights on staying relevant in the social distant legal community and information on law firm branding.


To begin, Meranda shared, “The legal industry is a relationship-based industry, with in-person activities historically laying the foundation for most marketing strategies.”  She went on to advise that due to COVID-19, restricting access to in-person networking, law firm websites, and social media are two of the strongest ways to build and maintain visibility in the community.  The conversations are happening digitally right now and so law firms need to adapt and pivot their digital marketing efforts. These platforms should effectively communicate their brand messaging as they would in face-to-face environments.

Right now, many things are uncertain, and this is where law firms can provide guidance and gain trust with their audience on these virtual platforms. Law firms can provide valuable content that potential clients need through blog posts, publishing articles, creating informative videos and webinars, and also sharing educational content on social media.

However, Meranda mentioned how law firms are more likely to stick to their marketing efforts as more lawyers are interested in digital marketing and see the long-term value. It is important to be more than a good lawyer. Potential clients are looking for lawyers who are good at what they do, helpful to the people they serve, and that show strong leadership skills and community commitment.


Law firm branding is a major key to success. It is important to maintain the right tone with your social media accounts and they are available to the people you want them to be. Social media can be an incredible business-building tool, but only if it highlights your law firm brand’s best features.

Meranda shared additional advice on brand marketing for law firms to be more in line with their current and potential client goals:

  • “Law firms should be capitalizing on the values behind and the value of their legal services right now.”
  • “This is also a great time for lawyers to focus on providing their clients with value-based legal services when possible.”

Law firms should be listening to their audience and tailoring marketing efforts to their preferences. A consistent and relevant brand voice will strengthen your service offerings, build your reputation, and grow your client list. These strategies can help your law firm create the image you want, no matter what area of practice, how large your law firm is, or how much experience you have.


Meranda finished her interview with questions that lawyers without a marketing team should be asking, such as:

  • What is the identity of our law firm?
  • What are the values of our law firm?
  • What makes our law firm unique from competitors?
  • What makes our legal services different from other firms?

While none of us could have predicted the events of this year, it is essential for law firms to be able to adapt and drive change. Consumers are looking for more personalized experiences and services more than ever before.

If your law firm is struggling to find its brand voice or managing your online presence, Denver Legal Marketing can help create the impression your firm wants. We have helped small law firms grow their presence and increase visibility for years. Contact us today to get started.

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