Denver Legal Marketing Sponsors CLE Event Hosted by the South Asian Bar Association of Colorado

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Denver Legal Marketing News



Meranda Vieyra, CEO of Denver Legal Marketing, shows support for the virtual CLE event, “Immigration and Race in America: A Historical Exploration of Allyship Through Legislation and Social Movements” in lieu of the South Asian Bar Association of Colorado’s (SABA-CO) annual gala.

This virtual CLE event will be presented by Catherine Chan and Professor Rashmi Goel on October 28, 2020 from noon to 1:30pm. They will provide historical context for the racial structure of American immigration law, with an emphasis on the Hart-Cellar Act, which opened the door for much of the South Asian diaspora in America today, and the Act’s relationship to the civil rights movement. This CLE will also discuss where we are today, including discussion of the “model minority” paradigm.


SABA-CO is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, membership organization that represents the interests of South Asian legal professionals in Colorado. They foster professional development by providing mentorships, support and networking events. They provide legal education while combatting marginalization and ensuring equal participation in the South Asian legal community in Colorado.

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