Meranda Vieyra Shares “Back to School: Resources to Enhance Your Legal Marketing Education” in the Colorado Women’s Bar Association, The 1891 Blog

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Originally posted in the Colorado Women’s BarAssociation, The 1891 Blog.

As an attorney, you never stop learning about the law and how it evolves with new court decisions and legislation. Marketing savvy lawyers take the same approach to their legal marketing toolkit and education.

Marketing is a field in which change is the only constant. If you are still trying to expand your law firm with the same techniques you were using five years ago, you will likely fall behind your competitors. Make it a priority to stay on top of the latest trends through ongoing law firm marketing education.

There are many free and paid resources available to attorneys. Explore some of our recommendations below and find the tools that best fit your law firm’s promotional goals.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedInLearning, formerly known as Lynda, offers education on a wide range of professional and personal development topics. While it is a paid service, free access is available through many professional organizations and public library systems. Courses are divided into short videos, allowing you to learn on your schedule. There are classes for virtually every aspect of legal marketing, from website design to content creation, but here are some to get you started:

     · Marketing Tools: Digital Marketing: Explore online marketing tools while learning how to promote content on social media, create content, and explore video advertising.

     · Marketing During a Crisis: Strategies must change during a crisis, so this course focuses on reevaluating the landscape, understanding the consumer mindset, and showcasing your brand.

     · Marketing Your Professional Service: Learn how to establish yourself as an expert in your practice area, look at your services through the eyes of a consumer, and capture leads.

     · Advanced Branding: Find out how each component of your law firm marketing strategy contributes to your brand, how to make your brand more competitive, and tie your brand into every element of your firm.

     · Learning Web Semantics: Make your writing more search engine-friendly and evergreen for content that consistently brings in visitors to your firm’s website.


If you are pressed for time, podcasts are an ideal way to learn. You can dive into legal marketing while exercising, during your commute, or as you get ready for bed. Most of these podcasts have new episodes somewhere between several times a week and once a month, so there is always new content to check out. They also have substantial back catalogs, so you can browse and look for specific tips on a subject that is challenging you.

      · Lunch Hour Legal Marketing

      · Legal Marketing 2.0

     · The Law Entrepreneur

       · LAW-some

Read the full article in the Colorado Women’s Bar Association,The 1891 Blog.

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