Meranda Vieyra Publishes “Being Direct: Tips and Tricks for Improving the ROI on Your Law Firm’s Direct Mailer Campaign” in the National Law Review

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Originally published in the National Law Review.

Direct mail campaigns are reliable and trackable advertising sources designed to capture new leads and spread brand awareness. But in a growing landscape of digital marketing options, there are several reasons why law firms should still be using direct mail marketing.

Reasons Why Direct Mail is Still an Effective Legal Marketing Channel

Most everyone, businesses and individuals, has a mailbox and looks through all their mail. Direct mail reaches a diverse demographic of people in a targeted area, making direct mailers a useful advertising source for law firms.

          • Builds brand trust

          • High return on investment

          • Less competition

          • There are advertising options

          • Guaranteed it will be seen

Tactics for Law Firms to Create Powerful Direct Mail Campaigns

When you have decided that direct mail is the right choice, there are a few tricks to making it engaging.

          • Be loud and proud

          • Personalize

          • Branding, branding, branding

          • Plug your business

          • Call to action

How Direct Mailers Help Capture Leads into Your Law Firm Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel is the term used for turning your leads into clients.

Law Firm Direct Mailers Need to Grab Attention When Checking the Mail

Direct mail allows viewers a few seconds of attention when checking their mail, which is what advertising strives to achieve. The act of sifting through mail requires attention on the ‘To,’ ‘From,’ and ‘What.’ This allows a potential client to have a few seconds of undivided and undistracted advertising while checking the mail.

Read the full article at the National Law Review.

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