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Originally posted on the Colorado Women’s Bar Association, The 1891 Blog

Lawyers who approach their personal brand with an entrepreneurial mindset allows them to be in a growth mindset. Not only will this framework help build your legal career with passion and energy, but it also allows the opportunity to become a thought leader and community pillar. It is time to start building your personal brand to differentiate yourself from your competition while attracting new clients along the way.

Entrepreneurial Mindset and Women Owned Law Firms

An entrepreneurial mindset is essential to running a busy, profitable business. For many women attorneys, you wear a lot of hats on any given day as you are not only a lawyer but also a small business owner and, for some, also a mother.

When you own your own shop, you have an opportunity to connect meaningfully with your audience in unique ways. You already know that running a small law firm takes much gusto. Build upon that same spirit by approaching your brand with an entrepreneurial mindset. Be sure to focus on quality as much as growth. Being intentional about learning from your setbacks and readjusting your course when you need to will add strength to your personal brand.

Building Personal Branding for Women Attorneys

Have you ever heard the adage that clients hire the lawyer, not the law firm? It is a wise saying. Your professional reputation and audience connection speak louder when included in your marketing campaigns.

As such, you can help yourself stand out from the crowd by building a personal brand that resonates with your purpose. While some lawyers struggle with the idea of building a personal brand, it is vital to remember that you do not have to engage in superficial or inauthentic ways. It is actually the opposite. Women lawyers should be their authentic selves.

Cultivating a personal brand allows you to identify what clients value and provides a method for delivering it in a manner that connects with them meaningfully. Not only does a brand illustrate who you are and what your services stand for, but it also actively reminds you about your firm’s mission and vision.

Building Your Personal Brand with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

While every law firm is unique, there are steps that you can take to approach your personal brand with an entrepreneurial mindset. Here are a few tips that allow you to take action, starting today:

1. Develop Your Small Law Firm’s Brand Voice

Your brand voice is the identity that you create for marketing and client interaction. It is vital that you create a clear, transparent tone. When utilized properly, your brand voice will also connect you with your ideal target audience.

Read the full article at the Colorado Women’s Bar Association, The 1891 Blog.

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