Meranda Vieyra Featured in Texas Lawyer on “Creating a Marketing Strategy (on a Budget) for a Small Law Firm in the COVID-19 Era”

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Meranda Vieyra, CEO of Denver Legal Marketing, was featured in an interview with Texas Lawyer titled “Creating a Marketing Strategy (on a Budget) for a Small Law Firm in the COVID-19 Era” on January 29, 2021 for their Texas Takeaways monthly newsletter. This interview provides insight to lawyers regarding innovative solutions for budget management. During the COVID-19 pandemic, budgeting issues have stepped to the forefront of the conversation.

Small Law Firm Marketing Budgets During COVID-19

Small law firms have faced numerous challenges that extend beyond routine issues. Not only is connecting with others nearly impossible, but attorneys are also experiencing schedule changes and trial delays. Vieyra believes that the most significant challenge is a law firm’s ability to change directions almost overnight.

On this subject, Vieyra said, “Lawyers are used to the schmoozing aspect of business development, marketing, and promotion, and usually that is done in person through lunches, coffees, and event attendance.”

She says that they have confronted unique ways to strengthen their networks to achieve ideal clients and referrals. As such, law firms responded with social media, blog marketing, video chats, and email campaigns to spread the word about their practices.

The Impact on Small Law Firms in Texas

For Texas law firms to adapt during the COVID-19 era, they had to retool how they planned on using their marketing and business development budgets.

“For example, instead of sponsoring a table at a gala, they might use that money to hire ghostwriters to add content to their blog or engage a third party to help them execute on an email strategy,” Vieyra said.

Vieyra also believes that they could use the previously allocated money for business development efforts toward a client gifting campaign, including making charitable donations on their behalf.

Law Firms Should Ask the Right Questions

When auditing their marketing strategies, Vieyra encourages deep reflection in her interview. Solo lawyers and small law firms should consider past efforts, how the current climate has changed, fostering a virtual environment, and identifying areas of improvement in terms of budget.

Ultimately, Vieyra thinks that law firms should take a critical eye to their marketing spend in 2021 for at least six to eight months.

“They might need to allocate more money in their digital marketing budget until the world opens up again,” she explained.

About Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra founded Denver Legal Marketing to deliver high-impact law firm marketing experiences to attorneys in Colorado and beyond. With her team, she strives to develop new initiatives while consistently delivering on results. Meranda also looks at legal marketing from a holistic perspective to ensure that solo and small law firms are experiencing predictable revenues and cases.

You can read more about Meranda here.

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