Meranda Vieyra Publishes “Professional Photography is More Than Just Your Attorney Headshot” in the National Law Review

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Lawyers, did you know that professional photography can help your law firm’s marketing efforts by increasing your conversion rates by up to 161%? These returns are made possible through the buyer psychology of connection. It is an opportunity for your target audience to know, like, and trust you in a very tangible way.

Employing a professional photographer might seem like an expensive outlay in the short term. However, the long-term effect it has on your brand, engagement rates, and sales makes it the perfect investment for your law firm.

Simply put, fresh photographs are essential to your law firm’s success.

When prospective clients see your photos, they understand who you are beyond what outdated photographs can provide. As consumers, they are more informed than ever, and outdated, recycled photographs stop having the same effect as newer ones.

From staff changes to annual modernizations, professional photography for law firms is vital to keeping your brand fresh while building a treasure trove of personalized and exciting content for your law firm marketing strategy.

Professional Photography Placement Beyond Your Attorney Biography

Your professional photography is important to use beyond your attorney biography on your website. While those are imperative to place, other mediums are enhanced by professional law firm photography.

People get used to the same photos over time. Make yourself stand out by regularly updating your photos to be used for your promotional and public relations materials.

Places that you can use them include:

  • Website Attorney Biography
  • Third-Party Legal Directories
  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media Posts
  • Collateral Materials
  • Press Releases
  • And more

Law firms that regularly promote their content, website, and services will significantly benefit by having current, fresh photos. It will also keep staff and attorney promotions up-to-date. The expectation of an annual photoshoot will ensure everyone feels included as well.

Some changes occur over time beyond appearance and staff. Consider the new, socially-distanced world we live in right now. Updated photography can also convey safety and convenience to prospective clients as well.

Types of Attorney Photography

The digital era brings new opportunities and, thus, new requirements. In the era of Zoom calls, it is best to have an updated headshot available.

Since first impressions always matter, ask yourself this: what if your first impression of someone is filled with confusion because they do not recognize you? Help set the right expectation and tone from the outset.

An array of photos that you should take include:

  • Attorney headshots
  • Staff headshots
  • Group photos
  • Behind-the-scenes working

Make sure that your photography supports your law firm’s brand. For example, if you brand yourself as an aggressive firm, your shots should reflect this attitude and style. A professional photographer will have an instinct and eye for encapsulating the desired effect while aligning with your brand.

Tips for a Smooth Photo Session

Before scheduling your photography session with a professional, ask around. Research reviews and hire someone with experience in photographing law firms.

It is also worth talking with your legal marketing agency for local recommendations as well. They may offer in-house services or discounts, which would be ideal and convenient.

Read the full article at the National Law Review.

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