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On February 16, 2021, Meranda Vieyra, CEO of Denver Legal Marketing, presented “Digital Marketing and Virtual Business Development in 2021” to LawBank as part of their new solo series “Smarter, Not Harder” program. She offered insights related to law firm marketing innovation, awards and accolades in virtual environments, and leveraging business development opportunities.

Key Takeaways

Innovation should be the theme for small law firms who want to skyrocket their success in 2021. Last year, the world changed in many unexpected ways and required us to do things much differently. The businesses that rode the wave of change are now thriving because of it.

Ensure that your law firm is doing the same by proactively managing the available strategies and tactics. Here are a few actionable tips and key takeaways from Ms. Vieyra’s February 2021 presentation:

1. Social Media Innovation

Long gone are social media days being an optional marketing channel for law firms. As of March 2020, there was a 21 percent increase in social media usage. It is no surprise that this number continues to grow steadily through 2021.

However, Ms. Vieyra indicates half-hearted social posts no longer work, which means that law firms should:

  • Listen to what your target audience says online
  • Be creative in your social media endeavors
  • Fit into the conversation regularly while providing value
  • Offer more than just social media posts and monitoring

Where is the disconnect for some law firms? The benefits may not be so clear when results contrast this assessment sharply. Not only are businesses and consumers actively engaging with brands on these sites, but it is also a critical opportunity that allows you to engage with a completely new audience. Your firm can improve client retention rates by connecting with past and current clients.

2. Awards and Accolades in Virtual Environments

It is time for solo practitioners and small law firms to take a page from big corporations this year. In 2021, it is essential to maintain your stats and promote the awards you receive with your virtual environments. Doing so will enhance third-party validation for other lawyers considering sending case referrals your way.

How do lawyers obtain more awards and accolades? Here is what she told the tenants at LawBank:

  • Get involved with local award nominations in the Denver community
  • Nominate yourself if you feel comfortable
  • Ask someone within your virtual environment community to nominate you
  • Offer to help nominate other lawyers to win awards and accolades

Some attorneys struggle with the concept of self-promotion. However, Ms. Vieyra points out that if you do not tell someone about your accomplishments, then they may never know about some of your unique strengths. These qualities can signify a potentially successful relationship and the ability to refer cases with the reassurance that you are a quality resource.

3. Leveraging Business Development Opportunities

If you have been more present in building your network, relationships, and personal brand for some time now, this year will not be any different. Your business development activities still need to happen, but this year, you will also need to get moderately creative with virtual networking and community engagement in a socially distanced world.

Below are Ms. Vieyra’s innovative tips for leveraging business development opportunities in 2021:

  • Surprise your most valuable connections with a LinkedIn recommendation
  • Cross-promote a non-competing firm’s social media content

In addition to business development online, it is vital not to ignore the impact of connecting in small ways offline:

  • Mail handwritten “thank you” notes  
  • Send personalized emails and text messages
  • Mail funny or “inside joke” gifts

Lawyers and small law firms are also wise to develop their own attorney-to-attorney referral network. Essentially, you create a reciprocal relationship among ten to twelve attorneys. When crucial opportunities arise, you work within your network to grow your market position and offerings.

How we accomplish these objectives have changed, Ms. Vieyra says, but it is still vital to adapt. Other business development activities in which you can engage include developing authentic relationships with news outlets, attending virtual conferences, and showing up at virtual CLEs and events.

Final Thoughts and Considerations

When you look at the bigger picture, it is vital not to stand still, even if the world does not look the same. Please take advantage of critical opportunities for law firm business development as they arise and work to uncover new ones.

Get Law Firm Marketing Help in 2021 with DLM

We are approaching Q2 in 2021, but you still have time to make this year a successful one. Lawyers and small law firms are welcome to contact the Denver Legal Marketing Team to learn more.

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