Meranda Vieyra Shares “Marketing Strategy Should Include Community Outreach” in the Colorado Women’s Bar Association, The 1891 Blog

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Community outreach is a potent brand-building effort. Women attorneys and female-owned law firms can establish their brand and reputation within the local community. When you combine authentic passions with your firm’s strengths, you can create massive amounts of goodwill for your brand.

The Case for Colorado Community Outreach in Law Firm Marketing

Whether you are sponsoring local fundraisers or sitting in a position on a non-profit board of directors, these professional connections create high visibility to a larger audience while expressing that you and your firm care about the welfare of the local community.

Consumer Behavior

If you are not convinced, consider the numbers. According to Forbes Magazine, 82 percent of U.S. consumers are conscientious of corporate social responsibility when deciding to purchase products or services. When choosing service providers, it is proven that consumers will look for the professionals that invest that business back into the community.

Audience Targeting

Additionally, your law firm will attract more clients who are aligned with your mission, vision, and core values. When you work with clients authentically, it gives your firm more room to connect in meaningful ways. These customer touchpoints build strong client bonds that provide word-of-mouth law firm marketing for the foreseeable future that will instinctively generate leads for you and your firm.

Women Attorneys “Lean In” with Community Outreach

In a male-dominated industry, women attorneys must be an active part of the conversation while finding opportunities that help them stand out. The most direct (and heartfelt) way to achieve this objective is by utilizing community outreach to connect with a broader audience and gain wider recognition for your incredible contributions.

Draw Upon Your Passions

If you already have a passion for a particular cause, then you should begin your outreach efforts there. For instance, if you are a contract attorney, volunteer for a non-profit to draft their contracts.

There are so many opportunities available that will allow you to draw upon your existing skills while building goodwill for your law firm. It is essential to maximize your efforts by playing on your firm’s strengths, areas of practice, and long-term goals.

Other ideas could include:

  • Family law attorneys giving back to domestic shelters
  • Immigration lawyers volunteering to help immigration cases
  • Employment lawyers can provide pro bono services to exploited employees
  • Personal injury lawyers can hold clinics on car seat safety

Your compassion is only as limited as your imagination as to how you can help your community. Women attorneys are in a unique position to advocate for and constitute change. Your community and your firm will be better because of it in so many ways.

Let Them Know You Are Invested

When approaching community outreach, your message should be on point. Everyone wants to believe that and feel like this is a community effort; no one wants to think they are in it alone.

Show them that you are just as invested in your community as they are.

Read the full blog post at the Colorado Women’s Bar Association, The 1891 Blog.

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