Why Sponsoring Local Events and Fundraisers Increases Your Law Firm’s Profile

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



Charity isn’t generally the first word or even a word that comes to mind when most people think about law firms in their area. However, if your firm can participate in charity events, it’s not just better for your community; it’s also better for your law firm’s reputation. Sponsoring local events and fundraisers is an excellent opportunity to get your name out into the community and gain positive sentiments from potential local clients. 

Charity Events Build Brand Recognition 

Sponsoring local events is a great way to build brand recognition with your law firm. Of course, your firm could simply write a check and call it a day with charity, but getting involved in events has a greater benefit. Many of these events have printed posters, flyers, t-shirts, water bottles, and other merchandise that advertises their sponsors. By sponsoring an event, you can get your firm’s name and logo out in front of the community. 

Not only does this display the goodwill of your firm, but it also helps keep you top of mind. For example, if your niche is personal injury law, an injured party might remember seeing your logo a few months ago on a poster for a charity event and call you for help. 

Potential charity events or endeavors you could sponsor include:

  • Fun runs
  • Community events
  • Scholarships
  • Fundraisers for causes you believe in or have a personal connection with

Potential clients will respect your efforts to support the community with your investments of money and time. They may even be more likely to call you or refer you to someone if they are in need of legal help. 

You may also want to consider blogging about the event on your website and including info on your social media platforms. Not only can you drum up more community support for the event by doing so, but you can also showcase your charity efforts in the community.

Make a Plan

Like many other aspects of business, your charity endeavors should start with a plan. First, decide on a specific budget or number of events you’d like to support each year so you can plan ahead. Keep in mind that many of these events require a commitment well in advance and might require the submission of marketing collateral. Learning about an event that takes place next month and hoping to get involved will make your efforts unlikely to materialize. Research local events well in advance so that you have time to learn more about them and apply or meet any requirements. 

How to Find Local Events Your Firm Can Support

Your biggest challenge might be finding local events that your firm can support. Tips for finding charity events include:

  • Doing a Google search
  • Reaching out to local community and charity organizations and asking them directly
  • Asking employees, as many of them may know or be involved with charitable events and organizations
  • Asking other companies your firm does business with 
  • Posting on social media that you are looking for ways to get involved and ask for ideas and suggestions

By taking the time to do some research and planning, your law firm could experience a significant ROI with involvement in local charity events

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