How to Work Effectively with Your Law Firm’s Outsourced Marketing Team

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



If you’re like most attorneys and law firms, you likely have many reasons for outsourcing a marketing team. Perhaps you felt you were in over your head, lacked marketing or SEO expertise, or wanted more measurable results. At any rate, you won’t experience their full benefit unless you learn to work effectively with them. Following a few simple tips can help maximize your relationship with them and the effectiveness of the work they perform for you. 

Why Do Lawyers Advertise?

Lawyers advertise to provide information about their services and why their services are paramount to those offered by others. By sharing this information, they hope to reach potential clientele who will hire them for their legal needs. In essence, lawyers advertise to get new clients and increase their business. 

How Do Attorneys Market Themselves?

Attorneys can market themselves in many different ways. The following are all potential marketing efforts:

  • Establishing a website and a blog
  • Speaking at a conference
  • Handing out informational materials or branded items such as coffee mugs or ink pens
  • Placing an ad on a bus or a billboard
  • Creating a tv or radio commercial
  • Networking
  • Creating a podcast
  • Drafting and sending a newsletter

What Does Marketing Do for a Law Firm?

Within a law firm, a marketing team creates a specific marketing strategy based on the specific needs of the attorney or firm. The strategy should be goal-oriented and focused. The team then determines specific action steps to implement their marketing strategy. They also set up metrics to measure the process’s effectiveness and make changes as necessary. 

Tips for Working Effectively with an Outsourced Marketing Team

Even if you outsource your legal marketing, your actions can still significantly impact the team’s effectiveness and their strategy to help you. Focusing on these tips will increase their success.

Hire the Right Legal Marketing Agency

The keyword here is “legal.” You can hire the most successful marketing team in your area; however, if they don’t have legal marketing experience, they won’t have the skills or knowledge to help in the ways you need them to. 

When outsourcing your marketing, look for an agency with robust experience in the legal realm. It’s not the same as other industries, and it’s imperative to have marketing experts who understand you and your legal practice area. So, for example, you need marketing professionals who understand the ethics and rules you must abide by when marketing your firm. You also need someone who can see the world through your potential client’s eyes. 

Create a Strategy

Create a marketing strategy together with your team. Your input, including your goals and vision, will help them develop the proper process for your firm. Once you have laid the groundwork with the process, use that strategy monthly to determine your marketing action steps. 

Trust Your Team

You must be able to trust the marketing team you hire. Let the experts do what they do best; if you constantly question the strategy you’ve already agreed to, it could halt your progress, damaging the relationship with your marketers. If you’ve hired the right team, let them take the reigns and trust them. At the same time, it is okay to ask questions. Knowing what they are doing and why can help you understand their overall process and how it can bring results. 

There is usually an onboarding period when you first start working with a new marketing team, but you’ll soon begin to see time savings and better marketing metrics when you’ve partnered with the right outsourced law firm marketing help.

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