What are the Signs You Need Someone Else to Help with Your Legal Marketing?

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



In a perfect world, you could do it all yourself. You could practice law and provide the compassion, results, and experience your clients want and need. At the same time, you could be your own office and human resources manager while maintaining the perfect work-life balance and managing your marketing and SEO. Unfortunately, you don’t live in an ideal world, and thus you can’t do it all yourself. Many attorneys try, especially solo practitioners or those in small firms, and are even successful for a while. However, as their law firm grows, their human inability to do it all will catch up with them at some point. Sooner or later, many lawyers will start noticing signs of needing help. 

Legal marketing is one area where many firms need help. If you notice any of the following signs, it’s probably time to hire a legal marketing team to take your legal practice to the next level.

Marketing is at the Bottom of Your To-Do List

If your to-do list is a mile long and marketing lands near the bottom, it’s likely time to let someone else manage your marketing. You can’t continue to grow your firm without a clear marketing plan driven by action steps. What you currently do might work for you, but it will not work forever. By outsourcing or hiring a marketing team, you make marketing a priority and invest in the future of your law firm. The best part is that your marketing is now someone else’s priority, and that person will handle the strategy and execution for you. 

Your Efforts Lack Results

If whatever marketing efforts you are making don’t seem to be converting clients and bringing in the business you desire, it might be time to hand it over to the marketing experts. It’s a waste of your precious time to spin your wheels with marketing if it isn’t getting you anywhere—and there should be no shame in that. You are an attorney, not a marketing expert. Most lawyers lack the necessary experience, education, training, and network to make their marketing as effective as a professional marketing team can. By handing over the reins, you could significantly improve your marketing ROI.

Your Law Practice is Suffering

You may notice that you are investing a lot of time researching the best marketing strategies and trying to put them into action, so much so that your law practice is suffering. As an attorney, your priority should be your clients. If you start focusing too much on marketing in your practice, it can hurt your clients, cases, and reputation. Unfortunately, too much effort in areas such as marketing can cause you to lose focus and not bring the energy where it matters most. Noticing the negative impacts your marketing duties might have on your law practice is a sure sign that you need to get help so you can redirect your focus back to your clients. 

You Are Feeling Burnt Out

Trying to handle too much of anything, even if it’s a good thing, can cause you to feel burned out. By burning your candle at both ends, you might find that you’re not as focused on your clients, irritable, stressed, and not getting enough sleep. You may feel like you don’t even like what you do anymore. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to get back to the basics and practice law. Delegate tasks you don’t necessarily need to do yourself, such as marketing, to others who can help. 

You Realize You Don’t Have the Right Skills

Marketing your law firm might seem easy and even fun at first. However, the deeper you get, the more you will likely realize that you don’t have the right skill set to give your marketing strategy the attention it needs. For example, you probably need some help marketing your firm if you don’t fully understand the following terms and already have a plan in place to work on these things:

Legal marketing experts have the right tools and know what it takes to market your practice successfully. They understand the ever-evolving Google algorithm and what to do if it changes. A skilled and experienced team of legal marketing experts can also help with:

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