Don’t Shy Away from Award Submissions

Meranda Vieyra

Meranda Vieyra



If you’re like most attorneys, you didn’t choose this niche for high accolades. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care about having your hard work and efforts recognized. Don’t be shy about getting your name submitted for awards in both the legal and business realms. The practice of credentialing introduces you to new audiences and helps you stand out from the competition as the cream of the crop. In addition, receiving recognition can help elevate your reputation in your professional network and build trust with clients.

While some lawyers try to avoid getting this type of recognition or see it as self-promotion, making sure your local community knows who you are is essential. Check out national and regional business journals and associations for annual awards that you might be eligible to apply for.

Strategies for Receiving Lawyer Awards

Simply doing great legal work isn’t always enough to receive awards. Some calculated legwork is required if you want to be in the running for and receive lawyer awards. Award can’t be left up to luck.

Focus on a Client-Centered Experience

Always stay focused on providing a client-centered experience in your legal work. If you want to be praised as a leader in the business, you have to be a leader in the industry. No matter what law you practice or whether you are a solo practitioner or work for a firm, a client-centered style results in a more productive process, innovation, and positive client experiences. How do you accomplish this? In a nutshell, a client-centered approach puts your clients’ expertise paramount to anything else when it comes to decision-making at your firm.

Be Aware of Deadlines

It’s essential to keep an eye out for any applicable deadlines. No one wants to waste time preparing for awards when the application window has already closed. Please note which lawyer awards have static application deadlines and make it a priority to apply for those awards first. Then apply to awards with open nominations.

Vet First

Not every attorney or business award is one you want to apply for or receive a nomination for. Some won’t mean that much; others might not be reputable or a paid advertisement rather than an award and may be a waste of time. Don’t waste your time by applying at random. Instead, vet your options, then apply. Before applying, find out:

  • Who is offering the award 
  • How the final decision is made—for example, does it go to the attorney who pays the most?
  • How you can benefit from the award if you are a recipient

While submitting for awards will take time out of your already busy schedule, doing so can be well worth your time and will pay you dividends. So make it a point to research and put yourself out there before the busy holiday season begins. Of course, if this is an endeavor you need assistance with, the experts at Denver Legal Marketing are always happy to help.

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