Four Key Elements to Include in Your Law Firm Newsletter

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Meranda M. Vieyra, Denver Legal Marketing

Meranda M. Vieyra, Denver Legal Marketing



Email newsletters are an excellent way to keep your prospective clients, current clients, and referral partners up to date with what you’re doing. These newsletters also help build and maintain trust and connections, increase traffic to your website and social media pages, offer a way for subscribers to contact you, and improve your community. They also serve to keep your law firm top of mind, increasing the likelihood that your audience and even people they know will seek your services if they have a legal need.

Key Elements of a Law Firm Newsletter

When you write a newsletter, remember that it is not for you; you are not the audience. Instead, you need to appeal to your audience and make it interesting for them. There are a few key elements you should include that can help ensure you catch your readers’ attention.

Incorporate Images Within the Text

No one likes to stare at a long page of words. Use pictures or digital images to break up your content and make the newsletter more visually appealing. You will get more people to begin reading and keep reading your email when you use images. Consider using pictures of:

  • Recent events your firm was involved in, such as a fundraiser or seminar
  • Employees, new employees, or an employee you want to recognize, such as someone who recently earned an award or honor
  • Your office or office building

Include Headings

Including headings is another way to break up the text and make your email newsletter easier to read and more captivating. Headlines can call the reader’s attention to different areas of your email, allowing them to skip to content that may interest them more than others. They also allow your audience to skim over your newsletter easily. Even if they don’t have the time or interest to read the entire email, they might see a header that interests them and read further.

You should make it a priority to write headlines that entice your audience to read your newsletter content. Some of the most effective headlines include an air of mystery while offering some detail, including a benefit. Including numbers or steps can also draw readers in. For instance:

  • Preventing an Audit on Your Final Tax Return
  • How to Tell if Your Spouse is Hiding Assets in Your Divorce Case
  • 5 Ways NOT to Jeopardize a Car Accident Claim
  • 10 Benefits of Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

Discuss Firm Awards or Recognitions

Suppose your firm or an attorney at your firm was recently given an award or some other type of recognition. In that case, your newsletter is an ideal place to mention it. Not only is this information relevant and timely, but it also might just be the push that someone needs to hire or refer your firm to someone. Awards and recognitions set your firm apart and show that you have earned the acknowledgment and respect of others within your legal community, whether locally or nationally.

Link to Online Content

Your newsletter is a great place to link to any blog posts, articles you have written recently, or even social media posts. You can also embed video links if you have them. Doing so can bring readers to your website or social media sites showing them that your law firm is active, helping to build trust and establish your authority in our legal niche.

Reaching potential clients and building your law firm’s brand does not have to be costly or complicated; well-executed and consistent law firm newsletters can play a significant role in your marketing efforts. By incorporating these key elements and using tools like email marketing software, you can write a law firm newsletter that provides valuable content to your clients and legal industry peers while also establishing your law firm’s brand, cultivating trust, and creating a platform to share firm updates and news.

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