Meranda's Picks

Keith J. Cunningham, an entrepreneur, international speaker, and acclaimed author, The Road Less Stupid: Advice from the Chairman of the Board, concisely shares business advice to push lawyers to focus on growth in their law practice.

The book’s savvy advice on business systems and models will allow anyone to run their law practice in a precise way that nearly guarantees growth for anyone who takes the advice presented. For example, Cunningham digs deep into what he calls the “Dumb Tax” – mistakes usually rooted in self-sabotage and completely avoidable drama. Pointing out how his own mistakes cost him both time and money and show you how to avoid the same misfortune he did.  

The book makes you reflect on your business practices by demanding you ask yourself the right questions to foster growth and ignite the change to produce the outcomes you need to make your business thrive for years to come. This process is complicated at times, but Cunningham routinely points out how necessary it is to reflect on what you are doing right—and wrong—so you can succeed.  

The biggest takeaway from the book for me was taking time to think about my business and plan out my next steps so they can help me produce the results I need. Attorneys have a lot on their plate, with a seemingly never-ending number of meetings, commitments, and packed schedules, but Cunningham makes the reader realize how important it is to think about and plan for growth. If Warren Buffet can take time every day to think about his businesses’ future, you can too.